Randolph "Apollo" Thompson was born in Oklahoma City, OK on Aug. 23, 1976. His Father is a retired successful Seventh-Day Adventist Evangelist/Minister/Pastor after 50  years. His mother a retired schoolteacher, is a graduate of Fisk University and earned a Masters degree in music from University of Missouri-Kansas City. Apollo is the eldest of three sons and the proud father of 2 beautiful daughters and a handsome son. 

In the summer of 1999, Apollo began his quest for knowledge of the music business. He did so by checking out the maximum books allotted on the subject matter at the Dallas Public Library system, and devouring the content to quench his thirst. In time, he finished reading nearly every book offered. Around this same time, Apollo's innate ability to recognize talent would put him in position to cross paths with a young raw vocally talented singer by the name of the late Rickey Smith.  Apollo would seek to nurture, mold, build, and guide his music career.

Apollo beat the odds during his tenure with Rickey, achieving quite a few of impressive tasks. In the summer of 2000, Rickey Smith performed at the well-recognized Father's Day weekend event, City Men Cook in Dallas, TX. He also booked Rickey to perform at hair shows and talent shows throughout the Dallas area, where the soulful artist would repeatedly win unanimously.

The continued tenacity of Apollo created an opportunity for Rickey to perform live on Good Morning Texas, a local CBS affiliate show on station KTVT in Dallas, TX on Dec.18, 2001. He also arranged an all-expenses paid trip to St. Louis, MO, where Rickey performed as the opening act before a sold-out audience for R&B artist Keith Washington at the Ambassador Theater on May 10, 2002.

Between December 2002 and February 2003, Rickey would go onto audition for the producers of the hit TV show American Idol. In his very first audition in front of Simon Cowell, he would say that Rickey's voice had to be in the top 5% of vocalist he'd ever heard.  Rickey advanced to Hollywood and would go to make it to the top 8 finalist position during Season 2 of the televised singing competition.This solidified Apollo's judgment for promising talent that was right on the money.  Apollo would soon sever ties with Rickey, garner a respectable amount of money from his business relationship and move forward in his entertainment endeavors.
By the time of October of 2008, Apollo had built up a small rolodex and decided to transition to the role of Special Events Promoter.  Never afraid of a challenge, he began to plan, promote, and execute his first ever live music concert.  What made his decision monumental is not so much the fact that this was his first concert, but rather that it was away from his hometown of Dallas, TX, and in the State's capitol which of Austin, TX.

The headlining Artist Dwele, a Detroit based sensational R&B/Soul national recording artist, delivered a great performance and displayed the difference between performing with a sound track versus a live band.   At Apollo's first event, 300 people came out and enjoyed themselves. In fact, Dwele's performance was talked about for weeks thereafter.

In January of 2009, Apollo decided to flex his muscles and executed two concerts in two different cities within the same weekend. The headlining Artist was Eric Roberson. The first show was in Austin on Friday Jan. 9th, which happened to be Roberson's first time ever performing in the market. The show would be in Little Rock, AR, on Jan. 11. Eric's show was outstanding and he portrayed the essence of true showmanship. During Memorial Day weekend 2009, Apollo executed yet another concert that headlined Anthony David featuring Carmen Rodgers.

In April of 2010, Apollo produced is first Hip Hop show, during the classic Texas Relays weekend.  The headlining Artist was Slim Thug his favorite Texas Rapper.  Riding off the momentum of the buzz of his resurfacing, Apollo had plans to continue to deliver quality Urban events in the Austin area and surrounding markets. 
In December 2013, he help negotiate, book, promoted, a mini tour headlining the legendary Southern Hip/Hop Duo 8 Ball & MJG.  The markets were New Orleans, LA, Austin, TX,  Dallas, TX and ended in Houston, TX.  In the summer of 2014 he played a behind the scenes role in booking a well respected brass band in Dallas called the Brass a Holics
In November of 2016, Apollo ventured into the realm of the comedy show business where he booked his first show with the legendary Comedian TK Kirkland.  The 2 shows were branded as the I-35 Comedy Tour which took place in the markets of San Antonio and Austin, TX.  He came back in 2017 and did his next comedy show with 2 Atlanta natives that headlined Daryl Damn and Erica Duchess Memorial Day weekend. 
In January of 2017, Apollo upped the ante has he promoted his first comedy show in the pacific northwest market of Seattle, WA.  The headlining Comedian was Tommy Chunn, featuring Mark Caesar, hosted by the Mad Bus Driver.  In July of 2018, his next comedy show would enter a new market within the same region being Portland, OR, with the following nights show again taking place in Seattle with Shang as the headliner. 
After 22 years, Apollo has experienced his highs and lows in his entertainment pursuit, but still maintains the same fiery passion today as he did in the beginning.  He has built some solid relationships with industry professionals and counseled many aspiring Artist along the way. He still feels he has yet to scratch the surface and is planning to get back to his long time desire of executive producing an album. 
In an effort to better display African-Americans, Apollo has plans to delve into the TV/film industry in the future.  But for now, you can catch him being low key, researching the latest resources for independent music Artist, and planning his next move.  Click here to receive his emails for events that are R&B/Hip Hop related, and click here to visit his comedy related only web site. 
Lastly, those that know Apollo, already know, that he has never doubted himself and that he will never let his fear of failure be greater than their desire to succeed.  He appreciates those who have supported him over the years.